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Add a New Service Ticket

Add a New Service Ticket

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Add a New Service Ticket

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1.Click the Service tab. The WPCRM Service screen will display.

2.Click the Add New Ticket button.




3.The Add New Ticket dialog window will display. There are two possible types of dialog window depending on your WPCRM configuration and whether the ticket is internal or external.







4.Enter the name of the User submitting the ticket into the User/Requester text box and enter the service category in the Service Category text box for option a. Enter the Account info, Contact info and Service Category in their respective text boxes for option b.

5.Click the OK button when finished. The Ticket Detail screen will then display in the editable format.


6.Enter the Ticket Detail info as desired.  Click the Save button to finish.



7.The Ticket Detail screen will display in View Mode with the it's ticket number.