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Create a Targeted Campaign

Create a Targeted Campaign

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Create a Targeted Campaign

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1.Click the Marketing tab. Marketing in WPCRM screen will display.

2.Click the Start a Targeted Campaign button. The New Campaign screen will Display.



3.Complete the General Information section:



a.Select your name, or an Account Manager position, from the Send From drop-down option.

b.Contact lists of Saved Searches can be selected from the Recipient List drop-down options.

c.Additional recipient email addresses can be entered in the Additional Recipients text box.

d.Advanced Options extend the reach and effectiveness of a Targeted Campaign by:

i.Sharing the campaign with other users.

ii.Allowing the campaign to be sent to those who have opted out of marketing emails Note: This would be done in cases where your company is legally bound to notify a contact regarding a change in price, or policy, that affects them. Its purpose is not to circumvent the wishes of the contact, and this option is unchecked by default.

iii.Removing duplicates from the campaign. Note: This prevents contacts that may make multiple appearances in your list from being emailed more than once.

iv.Including "View in browser" link in each email. Note: This allows contacts whose email inbox may be set to view text-only emails to click a link above the Targeted Campaign that opens the full Targeted Campaign in another browser.

v.Including a footer with opt-out link and address on each email. Note: This allows the contact to opt-out of future marketing emails if he/she wishes, and displays your company name and address as a footer to the Targeted Campaign. Both of these Advanced Options are considered good Business Practices, and that's why this option is checked by default.

e.Click the Next button when finished.

4.Select appropriate email template:



a.Among the many template options is the option to copy an existing campaign.

i.When choosing to copy an existing campaign, select the campaign from the drop-down list and preview the contents.

b.Click the Next button when finished.

5.Personalize Email content:



a.A Manage button will be visible for each editable section on the template.

b.Click Manage to Personalize and Edit as needed.

c.Insert Merge Fields to serve as data placeholders for information such as: Recipient Information, Recipient Account Info, Sender Information, and System Fields.

d.Insert images using the Image Manager, located at icon row.

e.Insert hyperlinks, or remove hyperlinks, using Hyperlink Manager, located at icon row.

f.Click the Save button, then Click Next.

6.Review the email on the Finalize and Send screen:



a.Schedule your email sendout for now, or for a later time and/or date.

b.Preview the Message and Recipients. Note: By previewing the recipients you can see how the campaign will look to to each individual recipient.

c.Select Delivery Conformation Options.

d.See how your final email looks by sending yourself a copy prior to finalizing by entering your email address in the text box under the Test your email heading and clicking send.

7.Click Send button.





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