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Creating a Form

Creating a Form

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Creating a Form

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1.Open Mission Central to display your available Dashboards. Click the Dashboard link you would like to add a Form to. The Dashboard screen will display.

2.Ensure the layout mode selector at top right is set to “Edit” mode. 

3.Click the Add Module link at top right, next to the “Edit” mode drop-down list. An Add Module options menu will display.

4.Select the “Add New Module” radio button option.

5.Select All Categories from the Category drop-down list.

6.Select WP Custom Form from the Module drop-down list.

7.Enter the title of the form in the title text box. This title will be displayed as the header text for the form module.

8.Select the desired location within your page layout for the new form.

9.Click the Add Module button.

10.The new form will then display on the page, at the location selected, in the Custom Form Setup format with three options:

i.Create a New Form (select this option for a brand new form, independent of any existing form).

ii.Make this form a New Section of an Existing Form (select this option if you are creating a new page, or an extension, of an existing form module on another page).

iii.Copy an Existing Form (select this option to create a new form with identical settings, questions, buttons and actions to an existing form)

Click Create Form when the desired option is selected.

11.Underneath the title of the form are three buttons relating to the content of the form, and one link monitoring the responses to the form:

a.The Add a Question button takes the User to where the questions for the form created and customized. Here the user will make a description of the question, customize its appearance, and determine the format, and required fields, of the responses.

b.The Add a Button button takes the User to where the buttons for the form are created and their actions determined. Here the user will make a label for the button, assign its physical placement on the form, and determine its action.

c.The Form Settings button takes the User where the various settings related to the form can be manipulated. There is access to the Add a Question button and the Add a Button button in Form Settings as well.

d.The View Responses button takes to where the responses to the form can be monitored.