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Locate an Account

Locate an Account

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Locate an Account

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Important: Accounts can be located by two different methods.


1.Click the Accounts tab. The Account home screen will display.

2.Click the Locate tab:

a.Enter the criteria you'd like to use for your search.



b.The Advanced Search gives you the ability to search within the Custom Accounts Fields.

i.Select an item from the Advanced Search drop-down list.

c.Click the Search button. Find the Account in the search results and click the corresponding link. Note: Search options will collapse after the search is complete. Click the Search Options Header Row to modify for your previous search options for another search.

3.Or use the Quick Search at left of the Account home screen:

a.Search by entering the name of the Account, or the Account number. Results will start display as the entries are being typed.




4.Select the desired Account. The Account screen will be displayed.





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