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WPCRM Outlook Add-In Tab Not Showing

WPCRM Outlook Add-In Tab Not Showing

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WPCRM Outlook Add-In Tab Not Showing

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Possible Cause

If the WPCRM Outlook Add-In tab is not showing in your Outlook after installation, it is most likely due to the WPCRM plug-in not being enabled.


1.Go to you Microsoft Outlook 2010 Inbox.

2.Click the File tab at the Outlook 2010 tab row.



3.Click the Options Icon on the left side menu.



4.The Options window will pop up. Click the Add-Ins link from the left side menu.



5.The Add-Ins will display under three possible headings: Active Application Add-Ins, Inactive Application Add-Ins, and Disabled Application Add-Ins.

6.Look for WPCRM Outlook Add-In under Disabled Application Add-Ins.



7.At the bottom of the Add-Ins screen is Manage with a drop box next to it.

8.Click the arrow to pull down the drop box and select Disabled items and click the Go button.

9. A pop-up window will display with all the Disabled Application Add-Ins in it. Highlight the WPCRM Outlook Add-In. Then click the Enable button.

10. To verify that the WPCRM Outlook Add-In has been enabled, go back to your Outlook Inbox and look for the WPCRM tab on the tab row.






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