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Save a Contact Search for Future Use

Save a Contact Search for Future Use

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Save a Contact Search for Future Use

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1.Click the Contact tab. The Contact home screen will display.

2.Click the Locate tab to search for contacts.

3.The Advanced Search gives you the ability to search within the Custom Contact Fields.

4.To save these contact search results for future use, click the Saved Search button. The Saved Search dialog window will display.




5.Select either:



a. Create new saved search to create a new list.

i.Fill in Save As with name of the list you are creating.

b. Update existing save search to update an existing list.

i.Select Saved Search you want to update from the list of existing saved searches.

ii.Change Search Name if desired.

6.Select Save as static list to save the search results as a list on its own... not the search criteria. This will be a static list of Contacts that will remain the same even if the details of any individual Contact on the list are changed. A Saved Search that was already created can be updated to be saved as a static list as well.

7.Select Make this my default view to have this saved search list load upon entrance of the contact locate screen.

8.Select Save as shared search to make the contents of this saved search list available to other users.

9.Click OK to close and save.