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Send a Quick Email

Send a Quick Email

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Send a Quick Email

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1.Click the Marketing tab. The Marketing in WPCRM screen will display.

2.Click the Send Quick Email button. The New Message screen will display.




3.Select your name, or Account Manager, on the Send From drop-down options.

4.The Contact lists of Saved Searches can be selected from the Recipient List drop-down options.

5.Additional recipient email addresses can be entered in the Additional Recipients text box.

6.Enter the Content of Email:

a.Insert Merge Fields to serve as data placeholders for information such as: Recipient Information, Recipient Account Info, Sender Information, and System Fields.




b.Insert images using the Image Manager, located on the icon row.




c.Insert hyperlinks, or remove hyperlinks, using Hyperlink Manager, located on the icon row.




7.There are two advance option tokens to keep in mind when using Quick Email. To use the tokens, create a link in the Quick Email using the Hyperlink Manager and set these tokens as the URL/ref for those links.  You can format the content of the link with whatever text and/or images you wish. The tokens are as follows:

a.#WPCRM_WEB_VERSION_URL - This allows contacts whose email inbox may be set to view text-only emails to click a link above the Quick Email that opens the full contents of the Quick Email in another browser.

b.#WPCRM_OPT_OUT_URL - This allows the contact to opt-out of future marketing emails if they wish, and is considered a good business practice to implement if the nature of your Quick Email is marketing.

8.After Composing the Email, click the blue Send button at top center of the button row. The Confirmation screen will display.





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