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Tracking Marketing Campaigns

Tracking Marketing Campaigns

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Tracking Marketing Campaigns

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1.Click the Marketing tab. Marketing in WPCRM screen will display.

2.At left is the navigation menu.

3.Click the Completed option on the navigation menu at left. The Completed campaigns (Targeted Campaigns and Quick Emails) that have been completed and sent out will be displayed here.

4.Click on one of the Completed Campaigns to view the campaign details and track campaign effectiveness. The Quick Search, at top of the list of Completed Campaigns, will search into the entire history of Completed Campaigns; whereas the list display only the 50 most recent.




a.At right of the list of Completed Campaigns the Campaign Summary tab will display. This lets the user see a summary of the details of the campaign, and it's appearance as it was sent.

b.Click the Campaign Links tab. Any links that were included in the campaign will display here. At right of the displayed links is the number of times the link has been click by the recipients, and broken down into measurements of Last 30 days, Last 7 days, and Last 24 hours.

c.Click the Recipients tab. All the Recipients, and their details, of the Campaign will be displayed here. To see how the contents of the campaign would look to each individual Recipients, click the icon of the document with the magnifying glass over it.

d.Click the Campaign Contact Tracking tab. All the Contacts who were recipients of the campaign will be displayed here. At right of each Contact's details is data concerning the sent campaign. Such as: Messages Sent, Opened, Undeliverable, Opted Out, and Links Clicked. This data is valuable Business Intelligence to be used to determine the success of future campaigns. Above the list of Contacts is a collapsible Search Options tab, click it to see all the fields that can be used to search for the specific contacts you want data for. There is an Advanced Search and Marketing Campaign Search to filter the results of search even more.





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