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User Import

User Import

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User Import

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Important: This feature is only available to Administrators and WPCRM Admins.


1.Click the Settings tab.


2.Click System Admin from the navigation menu at left. Click the User Import Import link.



3.Step 1: Select Data Source screen will display. Click the browse button to find the Excel spreadsheet you want to import. Once you've selected the spreadsheet, it should display in the associated text box. Click the Next button when ready to move to Step 2. Note: accepts any Excel format from 2003 – current version.


4.Step 2: Select Columns and Mappings will display. The Columns and Mappings can be configured to display specifically which data fields you would like to import from the spreadsheet. The column at left represents the Account fields that are available for updating or inserting; the column at right represents the field from your source spreadsheet. For any column you don't have a value for, or that you don't want to import/update, ensure the selection is set to <Default Value>. Click the Next button when ready to move to Step 3. Note: with it is important to have Company name selected with "Company" and not set to <Default Value>



5.Step 3: Import Options screen will display. Two options to possibly select: "Import rows as new System Users" and "Update Users with matching key fields". Having "Import rows as new System Users" selected will import the Users on the spreadsheet as new System Users, and not updates to already existing System Users. Having "Update Users with matching key fields" selected will mean that any existing Users that might be on the spreadsheet being imported will updated if applicable, and not imported twice. These System User Key Field(s) and Source Key Field(s) determine how to identify the Account(s) that will be updated. The option to "Add System Users that don't match the key(s) specified" is displayed underneath Key Fields. Optionally check/uncheck the “Preview” checkbox to see the effects of the data changes you are about to make. Click the Next button when ready to move to Step 4.



6.Step 4: Preview Changes screen will display. The number of Users will be displayed at this point before they are imported/updated permanently. Review the list, and click the Import button when ready to Import. A dialog window will display, click OK to proceed. The time it takes the to Import is based on the size of the data being imported. A progress display so the user can monitor the process.



7.Step 5: Confirmation and Summary screen will display. All the Users will display at this point to show the User the counts of how many records were imported, updated, or did not successfully get updated/imported.